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Monday, May 16, 2011

A Pictorial Plan for the Perfect Day, in Front of the Camera, or With Friends~

Suburban Studs,
Country Bloods,
Beefy Buds!~

The warm weather's bringin' out the best...

... Good things are on their way...
...In the best packages!

 Morning takes on a new light...

 ...Start out right today.

 Stretch and saunter a bit.
Smell the first fresh air of the day.
 Really admire that full-body tan!

 Get refreshed.

 Now, plan your day.

The sun's beckoning, so plan...
 You know you're goin' his way~
'Cause he's YOU!

 Then, there's the work day...
 You've thought about cuttin' loose all day...

...Then you get back, and it's gotta come off!...
 You know it's time to let it all hang out.

 You know what the 'Fruit of the Loom'
Really is!...

 You're in our own element, raw 'n real.


Make your place the perfect setting.
 Cue 'n Cock---(Who cares about the cue?!)

Relax a little before evening starts.

A Salute to Youth~
Boy, oh Boy!~
Your day starts out aching for it...

You've talked it over with that experienced guy.

...You admire the possibilities...
 ...You've done solo enough, all right...

 ...Now, make it up close and personal!

 Youthful explorations begin the friendships
of a lifetime!

Send in some pix,
maybe WITHOUT the levis!~

 Get on the horn, tell the guys about

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